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i really don't even have that many things to throw away--life is weird

i really don’t even have that many things to throw away–life is weird

Packing all my stuff into boxes again. It’s much easier to ship things to your final destination when you’re taking a 75 hour 3 week long trip.

On the drive out here, I showed up in Long Beach with everything I owned in the back seat. My friend Darian helped me carry some valuable things into my place. I don’t really have that many valuable things in terms of being expensive. But I have guitars and amps and music equipment and computers.

One of the stupid things I’ve done a lot more in San Francisco is download apps. I think I’m just being marketed startups’ fresh dumb ideas.

But I downloaded this housecleaning app called Handy. Because it said it was only $20 for the first cleaning.

When I visited my sister, we were talking about how people clean before the housecleaner comes over.

Do people who clean houses make up stories in their head about their clients? I was thinking about that when I was cleaning up my possessions.

Part of my neurosis is that I’m always stuck inside my own head.

Speaking of that–the new album is going to be hard to record. Some of the songs are pretty raw, short and personal.

more soon.

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