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Road Trip/Tour

hey friends, slight change of plans, moving back east to philly. so i guess the album might take a little longer. on the bright side, there’s now a possibility of a thick red wine show on your porch, in your backyard or any place where i’m driving through.

if you would like to have me over or if you have friends who would like to have me over to play songs on my acoustic guitar, shoot me a msg via email or facebook! not really trying to book shows at bars but looking forward to playing unplugged in DIY spaces and with old and new friends wherever

tentatively my highway route will go through sacramento, Portland, Seattle, Montana, denver, omaha, iowa, and chicago–where i’m going to hang for a bit because I miss Chicago a ton. and then i’m not sure. maybe louisville? i played a pretty fun show there a while ago.

columbus, detroit, cleveland and pittsburgh all could be good stops before heading back to philly. i don’t really have a set plan though. you could convince me to make a diversion along the way. what the hell goes on in west virginia?

thanks for your understanding, sorry i’m leaving you california. i always do this

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