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support black lives on bandcamp

bandcamp is waiving their fees today so it’s a good time to buy stuff from black artists directly through the bandcamp platform. artists make shit $ from your spotify/apple/tidal membership.

“a list of black artists that mean the world to me that you should also support” would easily go 30 damn pages long. so the list below is just a small somewhat random selection of artists that were top of mind today.

if you can afford it, please also give money to bail funds AND mutual aid funds and black-led organizations and businesses. this is a good list for funds.

black lives are beautiful. they matter. we live in a failed state that is failing its people.

besides a racist police force murdering black bodies, the US has made pathetic progress on meaningful reforms to beat back structural racism and classism that disproportionately fucks over my black and brown neighbors.

i want our country to:

  • provide universal healthcare & mental health services

  • desegregate public education

  • create affordable housing solutions

  • dismantle a racist policing/criminal justice/prison system that the rest of the world thinks is insane.

  • redistribute wealth from the police & the military & the wall street assholes & the private equity firms & white people in general to the people that are FUCKED and not even given a chance to make it.

we should celebrate & mourn the lives of george floyd, breonna taylor and ahmaud arbery as well as all the other black lives that our sick country has failed.

i am going to do a better job to be an ally w/ my words, actions, & wallet. i miss writing and playing music. i miss the diverse faces and voices that make local music communities beautiful and strange and worthwhile.

this is a short 15min documentary with alice coltrane that’s really beautiful and made me cry a few weeks ago. this is an article about dj screw and george floyd that made me cry last week.

stay mad. take care.