through the years, i've performed songs by myself a lot with just an acoustic or electric guitar. too few of these performances have been recorded or documented but some are here on YouTube. the solo acoustic shows are a big part of what people seem to like and i enjoy singing songs and telling stories for friends & strangers in living rooms, kitchens, backyards and around campfires.

i have "full band" songs & shows that i perform and release from time to time too.


indie rock / punk / folk
philadelphia (formerly austin, chicago, san francisco, spain, new jersey)
influences: Joan Didion, Daniel Johnston, Jeffrey Lewis, Bill Callahan, the Mountain Goats
links: bandcamp, itunes, spotifyfacebook, twitteryoutube


thick red wine is the musical word project of philadelphia DIY artist mike wojciechowski.

rambling thoughts about life were first set to chords via cheap microphones and sent to friends like penpal letters in 2011. the project has moved between chicago, austin, san francisco and philadelphia.

dark but humorous. sad but sweet. narratives drawing inspiration from 5th grade recess fights, college house party disasters, bad ikea trips, baking cookies and boxed wine.

straddling punk-folk and spoke-sung indie rock, thick red wine performs tiny autobiographical song stories for old and new friends wherever they may be.