purgatorians - 2005

its just you and me and the voices inside of my head / i'm sure that we're alive or at least i'm sure we're not dead / slowly dissolving in love and hate and all in between / maybe you can tell me why i dont want you in my dreams

we are the accidental conversation no one wants to have / we are the existential manifestation of all that is bad.

i say the way you climb into my eyes never fails to impress / in the cold, dark night we wish that we could see our breath / and i dont think there's anything left to leave behind / standing in the parking lot youre the only thing i can call mine

we are the half truths and meaningless facts / we will forever trip and fall into our own traps

i told you the busdriver lied, i told you you were wrong / he only had half a tank and this damn road is three centuries long / drawing halos on stickmen, we graffiti the shopping mall / until the man comes by and tells us to get rid of them all

we are the first and last of our kind / we might not be worth redeeming but we are divine.